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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 7, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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on fox he said we need to take a look at the religious aspects here. this is a very dangerous situation. >> sean: thanks for being with us. all the time we have left. greta's next. see you tomorrow night. tonight she said it happened. he said it did not. his campaign points out she's represented by a high profile democratic party donor celebrity lawyer gloria allred. this woman is not anonymous. she identifies herself. >> >> instead of going foo 23450 the office -- instead of going into the offices, he suddenly reached over and put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crouch. i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for. mr. cain said you want a job,
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right? >> she is the first woman to come forward accusing mr. herman cain of sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior. the other ac accusers have remad anonymous. she worked with mr. cain at the national restaurant association in the late 1990s, and today she spoke in public. she described the alleged unwanted sexual advances and mr. herman cain's campaign said all the allegations are completely false. brit hume joins us. nice to see you, brit. we all noticed that he says, she says, and if you like him, you think he's being falsely accused. if you don't like him, he's a rat. >> that's true, but remember, he's starting out here in about 20 to 25%, maybe a little above that in some polls of the republican vote. he needs to expand that over time to win. this is the kind of thing that absolutely stops a candidate's momentum in its tracks. having said at the last of the week, mr. cain did, he's not
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going to say any more about it, he's now back in the thick of it. tonight his campaign is out with another statement that she's a woman with a history of financial difficulties and personal bankruptcy. he's back in the thick of the mess. it's hard for me to see this ending any time soon, and it's a real hail storm for his campaign. >> i suppose it's better to come out now than the end of december on the eve of the iowa caucuses. >> we're getting pretty close to that now. my sense is if he were bill clinton in the democratic party, these kinds of allegations which were certainly made by the famous jennifer flowers against bill clinton although not in quite the same terms, he might survive it. in the republican party, i think the republicans are more censorious than the democrats are. it's hard for me to see how he gets past it. >> i hate allegations like this because slament an sexual harasd unwanted touching is dead wrong.
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if you're not guilty, there's not much you can say except say i didn't do it. >> we've talked about in terms of the law, this stuff doesn't amount to much, but in the court of politics, it's a different atmosphere, and you know, if reasonable doubt can be raised against the person being accused, that's enough in the court of politics and public opinion to do real damage. my sense about this is that this man is seriously damaged now, and this compounds it. look. people think gloria allred is an odious character and i understand that. a lot of people who would be sympathetic to cain would think that, but you still have that woman and you still have those words that you just played on the air. you string those three sentences together, and it's pretty damning. >> i imagine we'll hear a lot more about her, the good, the bad, and the indifferent in the next couple of days, and i assume that -- i mean, i know she's had a personal bankruptcy. doesn't mean he can't harass her. we'll hear some things, and again, i go back to people taking sides on this.
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and if she has enough baggage herself unrelated to this, that that will somehow inure to benefit him. it should be irrelevant, but the stuff does matter. >> it also raises the question, greta. even if you doubt the allegations and you think they're nonsense and a political conspiracy against him that's been mounted unfairly, you have to ask yourself if you're a potential republican voter. that is is this a person who is subject to this kind of thing and handles it as columbusl clus his campaign handledd it. cdo we want to sent him into the arena with president obama? >> if you don't know who it is and a lot of these are anonymous, although i guess politico supplied a name. >> he knew about the settlements that were made. he knew at least about one of them. you heard what he said. he was saying how, you know, they knew weeks ahead of time
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that this story was being worked on. in a situation like that, any sensible politician sits down with his aides and said all right, this could be coming, what's the worst that can happen, how do we plan for it, what do we say, how do we handle this. there was little evidence that any of that happened. that's the sign of a newcomer to presidential politics. >> what would a more seasoned politician say? >> well, the first thing you do is get your story straight, and you -- you develop whatever the facts were, those you can recall and those you can find out by turning to others, and you get the story straight, and then you develop something to stay. there's very little evidence that the cain campaign tried to do any of that. >> i mean, i don't think they -- i get the sense that they didn't think that it was a real claim or a real stab at the campaign. i don't think they realized the significance of it. i mean, that's just my guess. i have no idea. >> that's true. >> that definitely was not good judgment. how do we sort of judge whether
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this lady is a chink in the armor? we have the poll today but that doesn't take into consideration the events of today. i'm sure there will be a poll in the next few days. should we see those polls as instructive as to whether or not this is a blow that's going to have some pain for him? >> i think there's been a certain rallying around him in the early polls here. there may be a little of that yet to come, but i think in time this is -- this will erode his support unquestionably. >> so many people don't like gloria allred, so it's like people take sides in this, so all of a sudden gloria allred people are sending me e-mails complaining about gloria. >> the comment she made in the news conference today about how he had given her his version of the stimulus package. i mean, how cheesy is that? it's repellant, and yet i think it's damaging. >> gloria has never been accused of being full of good taste. she's a tough lawyer, i will say that, but she has -- she's
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certainly a friend of many. anyway, brit, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> now it's time for you to get out your wallets. remember fannie ma fannie mae ae mac? you bailed them out to the tune of $140 billion. they last week asked for a bit more. they want $6 billion more. that's not all. they're asking you for a little preholiday spirit. the executives are asking for a $13 million bonuses not for the fannie mae or freddie mac, they want them for themselves. are you in the mood to pay it. senator john thune is not in the mood to pay it. where is your holiday cheer? >> my holiday cheer isn't in support of 12.8 million dollar in bonuses for freddie mac and fannie mae executives. >> aapparently you're not the only one that wrote the letter. it's quite a hefty list of senators unhappy about this. >> it is. we had 60 senators sign a letter to the executive at the federal
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housing finance agency and basically saying that they need to reexamine their federal or their employee compensation package to make it more accurately reflect the public mission of the agency as well as the fiscal realities we're facing today. these bonuses show a real tin ear to what's happening in the real economy out there, and having 14 million americans who are unemployed. >> you know, the letter i read signed by the 60 senators is such a nice senator-like letter. i would have written it for the first line would be are you out of your mind? i mean, really. it was actually astounding because not only were they asking for, you know, 12 or 13 or 14 million dollars in personal bonuses, but they're also asking for billions more in aid. it's not like they're coming and saying look how successful we are and what great things we've done, they're looking for another handout. i'm not particularly impressed with what they've done. >> the letter was dash d -- obvy getting a letter together that
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60 people will sign, i would have written it a little harsher myself. they called it wildly imprudent. we talked about coming back and creating a compensation structure that is really more consistent with the public mission. freddie mac and fannie mae, although they're not officially debt of the federal government, they're off balance sheet debt, and of course, we've seen the taxpayers have had to pail them out to the tune of over $140 billion so far. this is to me, it is i think most people would find it outrageous and i think it's something that needs to be addressed and dealt with, and i think it's something that the president, frankly, needs to get involved with as well because this is something that's happened on his watch. he was revi very critical of fre mac and fannie mae when he was running for office and the types of pay made to some of their senior officials. >> the man who spoke last week, testified, edward demarco, the man who is making the decisions, i think it's worth noting that the executives who are in line to get this $13 million in bonus
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are being paid salaries of $900,000. it's not like they don't have substantial salaries to begin with. he said when testifying something to the effect that they need to pay off bonuses to attract, you know, good talent, the good talent won't come around unless you pay. i thought to myself. if they have good talent, why do they need another bailout? maybe we could pay just to get rid of them so we don't have to pay another $6 billion next quarter. >> these guys were brought in to clean up the mess. so far they're asking for another $6 billion. they have reduced what we think is going to be the liability of the taxpayers for the freddie mac and fannie mae bailout significantly over the course of the last year. that being said, they're asking for an additional $6 billion in taxpayer assistance at a time when they're making these big bonus payments. it just sounds -- it looks terribly inconsistent, and it's an outrage. i think you've got to show a little bit more of an ear for
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what's going on in this country right now and how important it is we get our fiscal house in order, how important it is that we get people in the real economy back to work. this just doesn't square with that. >> i take it that we didn't tie them yo up and handcuff them and drag them into these $900,000 jobs. they came voluntarily. it's not like they were forced to take the job. when they got these jobs, did we promise them $13 million to be vidivvied up in bonuses? >> i don't know the answer to that for certain. what i know is the federal housing agency in consultation with the treasury sets this. the president's czar sort of set the pay for a loflt these things a long time ago. the bonuses are probably something that's very discretionary. you would think if it's discretionary you wouldn't want to make those payoffs now. the house of representatives is working on legislation to reform freddie mac and fannie mae in a way that would create a new strucstructure that's more expit
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witwith what other people make. >> easy to spend other people's money, isn't it? >> my gosh, we thought we had to get on the record. frankly, they ought to cancel and rescind these bonuses. >> senator john mccain was on the floor about 15 minutes pounding the podium. he was furious, he was so enraged. >> john is, as are a lot of people. that's why it was so easy to get signatures on the letter when we started circulating it. that's the reaction that the american people have. it's so important that there be some action to correct or rectify this. you cannot defend this. there are going to be efforts made. >> efforts made. that's gotta stop. >> we will do everything we can to put pressure on these guys to try and get this thing cancelled. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> okay. do you know what tomorrow is? it's election day. one election alone will tip us
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off whether the republican agenda is dazzling the nation or headed for the ditch. it's over ohio's new collective barring anyonbargaining rights . it's more far reaching than the one passed and hotly protested in the state of wisconsin. so get ready. tomorrow is the day, and to tell us more is time magazine's deputy washington bureau chief michael crowley. >> thanks for having me. >> how important is tomorrow? give us a sign of which way the wind is blowing. >> i think it's pretty important. you think of it like a scrimmage or warmup for 2012. ohio is such an important state in every presidential election nowadays. it continues to be really important. this will be a real test of i think fundamentally how powerful is labor in ohio? president obama is going to have real problems winning over particularly i think working class white voters in that state, but if he can get a big
7:14 pm
push i from labor, he can turn from his low poll nux there and pull -- numbers there and pull the state out. how powerful will labor show itself to be, and can they basically undo this limitation on collective bargaining that the republican governor passed. >> is it a referendum on governor kasich and the republican party across the country. other states across the country, governor scott walker in wisconsin, he has the same sort of stature, not quite as extensive as ohio. is it a referendum on them so that if tomorrow they don't win, this is something that ought to scare the republicans a little bit going into 2012? >> i think so. i mean, i think there's some evidence that republicans in the last couple of years thought they really could go hard against public employee unions and that they really had them on the defensive and that public opinion had turned. it's softened to the point where you can have reform and changes and put limitations in for collective bargaining. i think what we may see tomorrow is republicans may have
7:15 pm
overreached a bit. governor kasich came in and the beat a very successful democratic incumbent that would hold him off. there was a lot of excitement about kasich. his approval ratings are pretty dismal having to do with this measure. incidentally, i think there's a good argument that ohio really overreached, went a lot farther than the wisconsin bill. ohio covers cops and firefighters, public safety employees. the wisconsin bill did not do that. the firefighters union in ohio, the bill was we're going to shovel this bill back down -- shove this bill back down kasich's throat. that was from the firefighters union. that's a tough enemy to have when you have cops and firefighters going after you. he may have overreached. >> i saw a poll that said something like 57% were opposed to it like in the last few days, so that doesn't bode well for governor kasich on this unless things turn around, but that was not particularly encouraging for him. >> there have been a couple polls like that. it looks like it will be undon. >> in the state of wisconsin president obama in '08 won by 12
7:16 pm
points. what was so extraordinary is two years later they elected a republican governor, and so everyone thought okay, president obama is going to have trouble in 2012 there. but now with governor walker having a little trouble with this, you know, it's a state that's really up for grabs. >> definitely. it's definitely a state up for grabs. it's very important to president obama although he can win without ohio. the republicans had the upper hand on this issue, it was felt, but they're fighting back and trying to make an example of republicans that they think pushed too far. they're firing up the base along the way. having your base motivated and excited and feeling like you're winning victoriries is very valuvaluable going into an elec. >> can president obama win 2012 if he doesn't get ohio and wisconsin? that's a good chunks of numbers. >> it's hard for me to do the calculation in a split second in
7:17 pm
my head, but i think he can. you have to remember. he won more than 300 electoral votes in 2008. he can afford to lose. it's surprising when you go through the math, it's surprising how many states he can afford to lose and still win, particularly if he can win florida. he can lose ohio. he has a lot of breathing room. virginia, north carolina, if he can hold onto some of those states he stole the last time around, he's got margin for error. it's not do or die in ohio for him, but certainly any presidential candidate has got to win. >> if the election was tomorrow, it's mid term, it's not even mid term, whatever we are. >> we're almost exeangt exactly a year away from the presidential election. in a state like ohio when things are happening in florida, big swing states now, everybody's it interpreting everything that happens in those states not as a local story but as a national story and what implications does it have for the candidates in 2012. >> michael, thank you.
7:18 pm
griff jenkins is on the ground in ohio. he'll be there tomorrow as voters head to the polls. whichever way the election goes, it's going to send a message loud and clear to the rest of the nation. you want to be right here tomorrow night at 10 p.m. eastern. and straight ahead, if you're looking for a job and wondering why is no one hiring, you're not alone. on the record hit the ground on a special investigation. you'll see it next only right here. also, president obama pulling a fast one. why did a very important decision just get put on the back burner. we'll tell you the facts and then you decide. why did the president do it. that's coming up. plus, it's not just a threat, it's real. here is more reality. we're running out of time. iran is on the verge of building nuclear weapons and there's new evidence tonight. ambassador john bolton goes on the record.
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>> greta: okay. so what's the real reason businesses are not hiring? we hear the politicianings telling us what they think is the reason, but we wanted to check it out for ourselves, so we sent griff jenkins to ohio to find out. >> we're in central ohio talking to small businesses on main street and off about the challenges they face, finding out how this economy is treating their business and whether or not they're able to hire anybody
7:23 pm
new. don caster is the owner of racein rack here. how much have you grown over the last two years and what do you need to hire, say, another two, three, four employees? >> well, in the last three and a half years we've been on scaint growth pattern -- a consistent growth pattern averaging 3 to 4% a month. to continue and maintain that growth, i need to have some independence and keep the government out of my business. we're really doing quite well on our own just by taking care of our employees. >> our employee hiring is on regular basis because of normal attrition that occurs and part of it is our growth goes. we see growth and we start hitting that over a three month period, we add another employee. we've added 11 employees in the last 14 months. >> dr. mark harrison is the veterinarian. it's pretty obvious what you do. you take care of animals.
7:24 pm
how is your business going? >> it's going all right. we're steady, busy. i'm grateful for that. we're staying busy. we're taking care of the animals. our clients are coming in for most of their care. it's been a struggle in central ohio, but we're doing well. >> are you growing your business? >> our business is -- i would tell you that our business is back about where we were in 2008, so we've just climbed back to that point. >> so are you feeling then confident about the economy because you've gotten back. >> no. >> what are your thoughts? >> i'm not. committee has been all over -- the economy has been all over the place. like last summer we had a really good summer, and last fall we just fell off the face of the earth for a while. the winter picked up again. it's been very extremely variable. >> bottom line. what do you need, dr. harris, to grow? >> i would tell you two things. one is increased confidence, consumer confidence, and the
7:25 pm
ability for my clients to say i have discretionary income. it's a priority again. i'll spend it on the pet. the second thing is controlling health care costs because we're on average, our health care costs are going up 15% a year. it's ridiculous. i know of nothing in the country other than college tuition and health care costs that are going up by 15% a year. you know, this may sound kind of ar cake, but we provide a hundred percent of our health insurance for employees, and so you know, when it goes up 15%, we take a huge hit. >> dave from dave's barber shop. how long have you been in business? how many employees have you got? >> well, at one time there used to be about nine of us. now it's down to about including myself, i'd say three and a half. people going longer in between haircuts. a lot of our clients have lot of their jobs. you know, it's taking some upturns now.
7:26 pm
we've had some bad times before, but i don't remember any that's been quite like it is right now. >> you said a few years ago you had nine employees, now you're down to three. >> three, yeah, three and a half. >> would you like to hire two more tomorrow? >tomorrow, and if so, what is stopping you? >> the amount of -- the money that you have to put into the place to really reyou'v rejuven. i would have to do a lot of advertising and things like that. there's a number of factors that keep you from that. i've got -- i do have two young girls that are going to start here in the next month or so with the understanding that you've got to get out and sell your product, so i will help them with that. hopefully this is a new era and maybe we can get things rolling, but i just want to see a change in the economy. >> jeff is the owner of
7:27 pm
schneider's baker. you just hired two new people. >> right. >> how are you able to do that? was it jury sale your sales incr you decided to do it. >> the economy hasn't been all that good, but my sales are up. i can't explain it. i don't understand it, but our sales are up, so we can afford to hire a couple extra people. it might cut into my profit a little bit, but we're willing to not work as much to give up a little bit of profit and not work as much. >> coming up, is president obama trying to get out of making an important decision? that's next. >> greta: it's far from a typical campaign ad, but it's sure to grab attention. see which candidate is pinning his hopes on it. ♪ [ male announcer ] the super bowl. the most epic day in america. and the end of a journey that began here, when the swipe of a visa card gave one man a chance to bring happiness to ten friends...
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the other day president obama on a nebraska tv station suggested that he was going to make the decision whether to give the go ahead to the keystone pipeline project or cancel the pipeline project, but now we're getting word the pipeline decision could be postponed until after the 2012 election. the creation of the pipeline from canada to texas pits environmentalists who want to protect the environment against the unions who want the pipeline to create jobs. so why the sudden delay? is there a legitimate reason or is it old fashioned politics and thinking only about himself? abc world news senior washington
7:32 pm
editor rick klein joins us. nice to see you. what happened? why was there a delay in this important decision. >> this is an uncomfortable one. president obama will anger a big portion of his base with whatever decision comes down. you've got the enviro environmes who don't want it, the labor unions are looking at thousands of jobs. there were protests over the weekend. >> greta: is there a third group? if this decision is a political one, and it's just waiting until 2012, i'm enraged because this is not a game. it's a job of responsibility to make decisions however the cards may fall. i don't like that. go ahead. i'm sorry. >> one thing the government is very good at is doing things slowly when you want it to go slowly. that's what is happening here. things that seem to be on the fast track, we were expecting a decision by state department by the end of the year have now slowed down. we've got an internal investigation at the state department as to whether this went through the right processes. in addition to that, we've got additional reviews that are possible from other aspects of the administration again looking
7:33 pm
at environmental reviews. the calculation in all of this is this deserves further study. as it goes through the process is slows things down. potentially means we're not doing this until after the election. >> greta: if it needs further study, it's because it wasn't done right in the first place. that's government incompetence right there. there's a suggestion that there might have been some influence from somebody, trans canada who is building the pipeline picked the groups to study it. it's like setting the fox out to guard the chicken coop. whoever picked that aan aallowed that, they're not doing the job if they have to restudy. if it's delaying until 2012, that's terrible for the american people. i give the president the same criticism when he waited from august until after his vacation to release his jobs plan. it's not a game. >> the key thing this is all -- everyone look at this now is inside the obama administration. these are different agencies, different departments inside the administration. this thing sits nowt at his
7:34 pm
state department. it obviously needs approval through environmental regulators. this is all inside his administration. we find out, of course, it's going to be his decision ultimately. whatever recommendations come out, it is his decision, but it's a tough one. he knows that. >> greta: i'm sorry. it's a tough job. i'm sorry he has a tough decision to make but he sort of asked us for the job. he knew these decisions had to be made. he has to divide his base, that's not my problem. it really isn't my problem. >> he knows that. the folks on both sides are pushing him and saying this. this has been out there for a long time. it looked like it was going to happen for quite some time. it still very well might happen. the decision could happen again next year. it's slowing down the process which is what people asked for the opponents asked for it to slow down. this whole enterprise become financially impossible fort canadian company to go about if this gets delayed any further. >> greta: the interesting thing is we look in terms of having an impact on the environmentalists
7:35 pm
and the unions. even the state of nebraska is concerned. the state of nebraska has a position on this, and the longer the president waits on a decision for the state of nebraska, it makes an impact on what they do in developing, not developing, jobs, water supply, not water supply. it's not just these two different groups. he needs to move on this one quickly. he promised, and he should deliver. >> that's right. what creates the political storm is that you have different interest groups that are generally supportive of president obama who have di opposing business points. >> the decision shouldn't be made on whose palm to grease. it should be the wisest decision, to exercise your judgment whether you agree with the judgment or not. that's the job. >> what we have essential is the white house saying we need more information before we can make that decision. it opens him up certainly to legitimate criticism about the time frame. >> i guess that goes back to how do we tell if it's legitimate delay. that's the problem. >> at the end of the day, it's a
7:36 pm
judgment call. you're right. the judgment ends up with the president, he decides yes or no. >> i don't like it delayed until 2012. i feel like i'm playing gamed or had. i can't stand that more than anything else. we should tell there's a new addition to the family. >> max is watching because he's always awake. >> how does jack like having a new addition. >> he's skeptical but supportive and very much in love with his baby brother. >> he had his inheritance divided in half. your wife is doing well. congratulations to both of you. thank you very much. i hope the president makes a decision on this quickly, whatever it may be. nice to see you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: here's what's coming up after the show on the o'reilly factor. >> we've got dr. condoleeza rice on the factor. is there bad blood between her and dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. looks like it. we'll get to the bottom of the story coming up tonight. >> greta: that's 11 p.m. eastern time. coming up, new information that israel has reason to be alarmed. ambassador john bolton goes on the record.
7:37 pm
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welcome to better trade commission free for 60 days when you open an account. here's your fox business brief. a see saw session on bad news then good news overseas. stocks fell early on the news that the italian government could fall. good news from greece turned wall street bullis bullish latee day. they agreed on a new prime minister with an announcement expected tomorrow. the dow was up 85 points to 12,068. after cutting debt in august, americans started borrowing money again in september. consumer credit rose by 3 b 3.6. a holding company is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection.
7:42 pm
dindynegy is owed about three aa half billion dollars. to find the fox business network in your area, contact your local cable provider or log onto what's happening, at least according to new reports, our worst fears are about to become a reality. sanctions have failed and iran is on the brink of building a nuclear weapon. a un nuclear watchdog report is expected to show that iran's government is nearing success on building nuclear weapons. so now what? do we do anything, and what about our good friends in israel? iran's president threatened to wipe israel off the map. former ambassador to the un john bolton is joining us. good evening, sir. i felt we had this conversation before. eventually we'll come to the point of no return. we'll have to make a decision. >> i think the decision this time is going to be made by israel. i think there's no chance that the obama administration knows
7:43 pm
what to do with these latest developments. this information is not new to them. it's been known to the united states for some time. having it out in public through the international atomic energy agency i think highlights how critical it is, but we're down now and we've been for sometime to two choices. choice one is iran gets nuclear weapons. choice two is somebody takes military action against that program. that's where we are. >> greta: well, there's an article in the washington post which says intelligence shows iran has mastered the critical steps to build a nuclear weapon. you say it comes down to israel. if israel acts alone, all hell is going to break loose because the people are going to be very angry in that region. >> let's consider that for a moment. certainly iran is going to be very rangry and their reaction is going to be the most important. it's a very risky reaction for israel. iran could among other things unleash hezbollah and hamas to
7:44 pm
attack innocent israeli civilians. that's why this is such a difficult decision for rhode is, but it's a mistake to believe the entire middle east will break out in conflict. the arab states, saudi arabia, they don't want iran to have nuclear weapons any more than israel does. while they may criticize israel publicly, quietly and privately they'll be happy that iran has come to the fate that it will. >> i take it they won't back up israel, they'll sort of remain silent and won't say anything. it's sort of israel going alone and facing a lot of antagonism in the region, hezbollah and others. i mean, this would be a very -- an awful big responsibility on israel's shoulders. >> well, they will face some kind of iranian retaliation and that's what the ca calculus haso be. if you think retaliation is bad after israel breaks iran's
7:45 pm
control over the nuclear fuel cycle in one or more places, how much worse would it be once iran gets nuclear weapons? the choice between using military force to stop the program even temporarily versus acquiescing, you can see why the military choice, while not desirable in the abstract, if that's the only one of two alternatives which is where we are, why military force is likely to be the answer. >> greta: okay. two questions. how much time do we really have, and i mean, is it like, you know, weeks, months, years before they have it? that's the first question if you know. and the second question is you know, is there anything the u.s. should do? >> well, i don't think we know how long it is. i don't think i'd -- i don't think it's worth waiting around for. if you miss it even by a few weeks, then iran's response is nuclear retaliation. look. israel should have done this a long time ago or the united states should have done it a long time ago before iran had more i of a chance to disperse d
7:46 pm
harden the program and make it less vulnerable to attack. so i think that the question here really is if israel decides to attack, whether the obama administration will back them up. honestly, i would help israel with this attack. the united states is going to be blamed for it anyway. we might as well be sure it's done right. i'm more worried that the obama administration will do what it has been doing which is implicitly threatening israel not to resupply it with critical airplanes and other equipment and ordinance they'll lose in the attack. that's caused the israelis to back off the possibility of military force. i think now they're at the point where they can't avoid the decision very much longer. >> greta: all right. am i right that sanctions have failed? there are too many leaks in the hole? they're dealing with north korea, with syria, with former soviet union scientists. are we beyond any efforts at
7:47 pm
sanctions at this point? >> absolutely. sanctions work when they're messive, comprehensive in scope, swiftly implied and vigorously enforced. none of that has been true about the sanctions against iran. i'm all in favor of the sanctions. let's impose more. maybe we can bring the regime down. they're not going to bring it down in time to stop them from getting nuk nuclear weapons. we're in race against the science and technology to stop iran from reaching that objective and we're losing, and we're going to lose. >> of course, paxton is the guy who is the big hero in pakistan. >> he was certainly a source of the iranian program. he's confessed to that. we're learn in the iaea report of the effective russian scientists helping the iranian program out. this whole thing has been very cynically handled by the russians from the get-go. they've got deniability. they're not sad about iran pressing ahead because it's a
7:48 pm
thumb in our eye which is always an event for applause in moscow. >> thank you, sir. a guilty verdict in the trial of michael jackson's doctor. a california jury convicted dr. conrad murray of involuntary manslaughter in the pop star's death. dr. murray supplied jackson with a powerful operating room drug to help him sleep. prosecutors say he didn't take safeguards when giving jackson propofol. the defense claimed it was jackson who gave himself a lethal dose. members of the jackson family cried as the verdict was announced and crowds cheered outside the courthouse. dr. murray could go to prison for four years and lose his medical license. he will be held in jail until his november 29th sentencing. straight ahead, the biggest action wasn't in the football game at a georgia sports bar. you'll see what grabbed the fans' attention caught on camera. a protest leads tro mans. it's not a typical love story, but you'll see how it ends.
7:49 pm
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories but here's the best of the rest. some unexpected action in the middle of a sunday football
7:53 pm
game. fans at a georgia sports bar got a big surprise when a deer came crashing through the window. the deer ran across the parking lot and went right through the window. a server opened a patio door and the deer strolled out and left. the deer was not hurt. we think the deer stopped by to see how the packers were doing. okay. maybe not the packers. they say you can find love anywhere, even at an occupy protest. one happy couple has now tied the knot. just a month after meeting at occupy philadelphia, the couple got married in the middle of the protesters. there was evendy nated wedding cake to -- evendy natednate eved wedding cake. they were tour other protest suits around the country for their honey moon. ron paul is now selling the pin up for ron paul calendar. it includes a year's worth of campy politically themed pictures. there are quotes from congressman paul.
7:54 pm
the congressman has been known for his uncanny ability to raise money. the price of the calendar, 24.95. finally, a london pub is going to the dogs, literally. the mucky pup bar is now allowing its customers to bring their dogs along. the pups can hang out right at the bar and can even order their own food and drinks. bar tenders are serving up muttinis. the drinks are liver flavored. business is booming. there you have the best of the rest. coming up. what's going on in europe? why can't they agree on anything. the answer may be more obvious than you think. stay tuned. evan, sandy . . . evan .. what pushed you toward the explorer? it was less expensive. better technology inside. there was stuff that we have in our car that i didn't even know existed. how does your music gear fit in there? it fits perfectly. i mean, i got a keyboard, acoustic guitar, merchandise, cds to sell and it all just fits like a nice game of tetris. what would you say to a friend who's skeptical about buying a ford.
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do you want to borrow my keys.
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and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for oucountry's energy security and our economy. >>. >> how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours?
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with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells that penetrate deep to relax, soothe, and unlock tight muscles. for up to 16 hours of relief, try thermacare. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, time for last call. we know it wasn't easy for years to agree on a rescue deal for greece. now, we're finding out why. here is jeff myers on "saturday night live".
7:59 pm
>> they said why do we care what you think? and slovakia says we're in europe and all of the votes have to be unanimous, 17 countries have to be unanimous, can you imagine how it would be if none of us spoke the same language? you still don't speak the same language? belguim has two languages and it's the size of a mid western college campus. and these two crazy kids here, germany and france? german. and people staying together for the kids. i don't think goitsing to work out, i like they're trying. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. make sure you go to greta there is an open thread. you can tell us what you tnk


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